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Ralph - The Helping Hand
Posted by on Monday July 14, @01:24PM
from the i'm-afraid-i-can't-let-you-do-that-dave dept.
Don Holbert, 59, had some problems taking care of himself after his wife died -- he walks using crutches or a wheelchair/scooter and has limited use of the right side of his body. Thank goodness for Ralph who takes care of him on a daily basis now. The catch is (as if you didn't see it coming) Ralph is a computer.

"To be more precise, Ralph is a voice-operated computer and home automation system, programmed to function using artificial intelligence. Ralph was named after a friend of Holbert's, Ralph Biele, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Missouri Highway Patrol. It also is an acronym for Real Assisted Living for the Physically Handicapped."

What's more is that Ralph was apparently put together by an individual, Greg Corpier. Sounds impressive.

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