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The Myth of Mental Illness
Psychology Posted by on Sunday July 27, @09:39PM
from the could-they-be-right dept.
Here's a good article that starts off by describing what mental illness is and goes on to describe why they aren't valid. Definately an atypical and interesting point of view.

"As the renowned anti-psychiatrist, Thomas Szasz, of the State University of New York, notes in his article "The Lying Truths of Psychiatry", mental health scholars, regardless of academic predilection, infer the etiology of mental disorders from the success or failure of treatment modalities. This form of "reverse engineering" of scientific models is not unknown in other fields of science, nor is it unacceptable if the experiments meet the criteria of the scientific method."

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Re: The Myth of Mental Illness
by on Monday July 28, @01:19PM
The American Psychiatric Association is in fact attempting to rectify some of the mentioned shortcomings of the DSM, such as "mental disorders" being merely symptom clusters that do not correlate to underlying cognitive structures as evidenced by pharmocopia and brain scans. Here is a long and interesting read by the committe that produced suggested guidelines for the DSM-V committee that should be forming next year. http://www.appi.org/Cat2k/2292.html
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