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Re: What do the readers of CogNews want?
by TheMgmt on Wednesday September 24, @09:44AM
Just curious as to what people come here to see. I'm not quite sure if people want strictly pointers to news and popular press, editorial pieces like what Ted has given us, or something else entirely. This is in no way commentary on Ted's writing, which is well put together. In the future, should editorials become the fad, it would be a great addition for the community aspect of CogNews, but would essentially transform the site into a forum. Forums don't really have that Slashdot-like quality of recent events. So again -- do people want the front page to be a forum or recent events? Or some of each?

Keep in mind that running this site is a lot like yelling at a brick wall. Very infrequently do I hear people's opinions on what would make this site better, so from time to time I feel it's appropriate to ask if anyone is willing to speak up.

Thanks for speaking up.

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