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Re: Why AI is "Brain-Dead"
by Daxamite on Thursday September 25, @10:44AM

"What should probably be a large cooperative effort has turned into individual labs focused upon being the first to find “the answer”."

I think a good portion of the AI community wants "the answer". (Including the strictly philosophers which I think should just Sh.. or get off the pot) However there are fringes who don't want "the answer". People like Rodney Brooks whose goal is to make a robot more "life-like" (not specifically intelligent). It seems to me that nearly all AI in games and robotics seem to pursue this alternative behavior intensive motive.

I do agree with you that we get a lot better results when not looking for "the answer" as it contributes to us all a lot more then reinventing the entire thing.

"I is more of a running narrative of justification for our actions"

Wow! I was thinking the same thing, only not the same words. I was thinking that "I" was the DIFFERENCE between inner and outer perceptions. For example, touching a stove... The nerve then change and sends it to the "I" who checks previous data, sees change and passes on the information to other parts.

“Barney” Not real?! Well... my world is crashing down now. Now I don't believe in nothin' man!

"Exclusionary philosophies have failed to produce anything but briefly exciting parlor tricks." Well said. Very well said.

Bit long of article, but well worth the read. Thanks Ted!

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