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Neuroprosthetic Devices
Neuroscience Posted by on Thursday September 25, @11:48PM
from the six-million-dollar-man dept.
Two years ago Jesse Sullivan lost both his arms to an unfortunate accident after he touched live power lines. But now, in an application of "1920s surgery," Jesse has gotten some of his previous life back through his new "bionic" arms. In order for his new arms to work, his existing nerves were moved from his shoulder to his pectorial muscle where electrodes pick up their signal and in turn control his robotic arms.

Some researchers have used electrodes implanted in the brain or in the scalp, while others have experimented with detectors outside the body, such as in Sullivan's case. But the basic idea behind neuroprosthetic devices is the same: creating communication between the brain and the outside object that needs to be moved.

CNN has the whole story.

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