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Think Like A Duck?
Posted by on Thursday September 25, @11:49PM
from the what-would-nagel-say dept.
Walks like a duck, talks like a duck... thinks like a duck? Philosopher Kevin Krein of University of Alaska Southeast says that traditionally philosophy argues that animals don't have thoughts, and it would seem that Krein is inclined to disagree. This article outlines his, well... thoughts on the subject.

"We interact with animals, and it seems obvious that they think," Krein said. "But none of the popular theories on the philosophy of the mind work that well in describing animal thought. They work much better in looking at language users. Animals have complex human communications, but none of them have a grammar and none have symbols that can be recombined in different ways."
"I'm trying to demonstrate how the philosophy of mind works," Krein said. "People don't find questions about thought as puzzling as they should. What is it for something to be meaningful? What is it to have a thought? What is it to communicate an idea?"

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