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Inside the Mind of a Psychopath
Psychology Posted by on Sunday September 28, @11:43PM
from the dirty-harry-was-a-psychopath dept.
Hannibal Lecter, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Norman Bates -- all names that are associated with psychopaths. But Robert Hare says that these extreme cases of psychopaths are just high-profile cases, and that many more go through life unchecked. The New Zealand Herald has the whole story.

"These are essentially people with a lack of conscience," Hare says. "They intellectually work out how you feel, but really they have no idea of emotion at all. They're a colour-blind person trying to understand colour."
For all the research, two crucial questions remain unanswered. No one knows whether psychopaths are created by their genes or by their environment. Hare can only say he's sure it's a mix of both.

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