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Artificial Octopus Eyes
Posted by on Sunday September 28, @11:44PM
from the looking-funny dept.
"Robots and people may soon be looking at the world through octopus eyes," says this Wired article. Albert Titus's vision chip, previously reported here, processes images in just like an octopus eye does. But Titus intends to do more than just duplicate the retina -- eventually he plans on building a complete vision system with interchangeable "retinas" and "brains".

"The visual system is more than eyes," Titus said. "An animal uses eyes to see, but the brain to perceive. Yet, the retina is an extension of the brain, so where does the distinction between seeing and perceiving begin and end?"
Octopus eyes function like the lens of a camera, with a biological lens that moves inward to the retina to focus close up, and outward to focus on distant objects. In vertebrates, the lens of an eye has a fixed focus, and must change shape to focus on objects that are near or far. So depending on what the eye is focused on, objects at other distances will not be in sharp focus.

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