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Koza and Genetic Algorithms
Posted by on Monday September 29, @11:51PM
from the not-to-be-confused-with-kaaza dept.
According to this article the idea of the human brain being like a computer is fading, mostly because computer programs have yet to emulate the brain. On the other hand, brains and biological systems seem to evolve with their environments, so that may be the way to go -- evolution. The article is based on the recent presentation by John Koza, President of Genetic Programming, Inc, at the recent Accelerating Change Conference.

Now, Koza says, genetic programming is "an automated invention machine" that routinely delivers results competitive with human intelligence.
Koza assured the audience that genetic programming has advanced far enough to invent new patentable things. But the process can also be tuned to avoid rediscovering known solutions. The fitness measure evaluates how well evolved programs solve a particular problem. But fitness can be altered to take away points from programs that too closely resemble, for example, an existing patent, and the eventual survivors won't infringe it.

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