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Speech Industry Making Gains
Posted by on Tuesday September 30, @11:34PM
from the can-you-hear-me-now? dept.
As the industry's major conference for speech technology, SpeechTEK, kicks off, this article claims that the industry is doing well -- making small but steady gains towards their ultimate goals. Headliners at the show include the big names like Intel and IBM and the more domain specific players like ScanSoft (who recently acquired SpeechWorks), Cepstral and LumenVox.

"The kind of interaction that Data has on 'Star Trek' is still 20 years away," said James Larson, program chairman.
"Users should be skeptical of how much computers can understand," Larson said. "These conversational systems don't try to understand every word in the English language but only the words in a menu or the words one speaks to fill in the blank."

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