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Nicolelis's Brain Machine Interface
Neuroscience Posted by on Tuesday September 30, @11:54PM
from the don't-say-the-matrix dept.
With help from a $26 million grant, Miguel Nicolelis will be publishing an article in the PLoS next week about his recent research on a brain-machine interface. Nicolelis hopes that his brain-machine interface will allow currently disabled people to get up and moving again, as well as drive other technological advances. This article highlights Nicolelis's success, current projects and enthusiasm for his work.

Last year, Nicolelis's research team found that monkeys can incorporate a robot arm into their thoughts and control the robot. This soon-to-be published article marks the beginning of clinical trials attempting to confirm what Nicolelis already found to be the case with monkey tests.
"This is about trying to create something that doesn't exist," said Nicolelis. "I'm a physician by training and to me, the possibility of restoring motor function by creating an exoskeleton robot--or even bypassing the lesion in the spinal chord--is incredible."

Check here for more on the brain computer interface.

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