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Eugenics for Intelligence
Anthropology Posted by on Wednesday October 01, @01:01PM
from the philosophical-debates dept.
Aarhus University professor Helmuth Nyborg made a statement that rang around the world today as he called for the government to practice selective breeding among humans to prevent the cognitive decline of the human race. While many will be quick to equivocate his statements to Hitler's policy of eugenics, Nyborg preemptively says that Hitler practiced extermination along racial lines, removing the intelligent with the not-so-intelligent from the gene pool.

"Intelligence is hereditary," said Professor Helmuth Nyborg, the dean of the Psychology Institute at Aarhus University. "The 15 to 20 percent of those at the lower levels of society -- those who are not able to manage even the simplest tasks and often not their children -- should be dissuaded from having children.
"The fact is that they are having more children and the intelligent ones are having fewer."

The story has been picked up by many major news sources around the world, including The Age, FloraFox, The Washington Times, and The Telegraph.

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Re: Eugenics for Intelligence
by on Thursday October 02, @04:11AM
Denmark (and Socialist Sweden even more so) have had a long history of culling their unwanted population elements, before, during and long after Hitler had done so in Germany, until as recent as 1976 even.

Unmarried pregnant women, mental patients, social lowlifes, etc. etc.

Related Factoid: Sweden is the only country in the world where not seeing your doctor when you're ill is a crime.
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  • Re: Eugenics for Intelligence
    by on Tuesday October 07, @09:53PM

    Here's an even better factoid: Hitler's concept of eugenics came from the United States. It's little known that at the time the United States was forcing sterilization on the mentally ill so as to prevent them from "weakening the gene pool".

    The point is illustrated here, here and here.

    By one account:
    One approach of the eugenicists was sterilization. The principle was that sterilizing large numbers of "defective" people could prevent the perpetuation of targeted defects and genetic diseases. The state eugenics laws were tested in the courts. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the eugenicists in Buck vs. Bell (1927). Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes speaking for the Court, wrote, "three generations of imbeciles are enough". State governments under the authority of these laws forcibly sterilized thousands of Americans. Most of those sterilized were poor children being cared for in various state institutions. Many did not known what was being done to them ast the time. The operations were caried out foricibly if the individuals objected. We do not have an estimate yet of the actual number of people sterilized. As these operations were sometimes conducted covertly, an accurate assessment is probably not possible. An estimated 60,000 to 100,000 people are believed to have been sterilized, but in fact there are no precise records. The mentally ill and retarded were the most frequent victims of this program. There were also, however, children and youths sterilized. These included unwed mothers and boys in reformatories and orphanages, especially if they were judged to be retarded. The extent of the sterilizations varied widely from state to state, but was most pronounced in states that were largely Protestant because of the opposition of the Catholic Church. There were also large numbers of sterilizations conducted on blacks in the South by the largely white medical establishment. These were known as Mississippi appendectomies.

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